Fit Friday: Elf4Health

Last month was a busy month for me, and my workouts were all over the place. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s kind of the “calm before the storm” until Christmas, so hopefully I can focus a little more on my exercise.

In an effort to do that, this week I aimed for 5 workouts.

big fail

big fail

Sunday: OFF

Monday: 2 mile run and various strength exercises

Tuesday: P90X yoga.. my shoulders are still feelin’ it today!

Wednesday: OFF (so sore)

Thursday: 4.5 mile run with Andrew

Friday: Warm-up on bike, full body weight circuit

Saturday: I plan to do an easy 3 mile run with some ab exercises after

You know what I just realized? I haven’t done a fun cardio/strength circuit in a while now so I hope to get in a good one this coming week. Lunges and squats have been dearly missed.

In other news, this week I signed up for Elf For Health! Elle at NutritionElla and Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean put together this 6 week challenge with fun, healthy tasks to complete every day. You’re also assigned an Elf Buddy to support through the challenge. And best of all, there are prizes!!

Unfortunately I signed up a little late so I missed the first round (which started this Monday, the 26th) so I have to wait until the 2nd round on December 9th to take part. It sounded like a fun and easy way to connect with other bloggers, I’m excited to start!

Are you an Elf4Health?

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