Fit Friday: Day Off

Hey hey you guys and gals!

Even though I’ve had the past few Fridays off, I’ve still tried to make them productive since it will be back to the 5-day grind soon. I spent today getting my blood drawn (for one of my January goals), working on a case study about celiac disease, planning meals and my grocery list for next week, updated my blog layout and got in a solid workout… check me out! It required so much coffee, though…

Anyway, here’s a recap on this weeks workouts.

Sunday: Nike+ strength training workout

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 2.5 quick and sweaty run… took a full minute off my mile pace! Ouch

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 3.5 mile steady run

Friday: Nike+ strength training workout

Saturday: Planning on a 6 mile run… ahh wish me luck!

On Wednesday Andrew and I both had headaches so we decided to take an extra day off. Sometimes you just need to do that. I know a lot of people who hate skipping workouts because it totally throws them off. Me? Well you see I’m much like Roger and….

I try to never take anything to seriously. It’s a quite common for people to comment on my relaxed approach to life. Taking it easy is the best route. And wine generally induces that.

How do you feel about missing a workout?

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23 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Day Off

  1. Good for you for crossing one thing off your goals list! I didn’t get too many workouts in this week as I liked as well. I’ll be taking it easy as I wean off pain meds from my wisdom teeth removal. But I’ll be better by the Color Run 5K next Saturday!

    • Ouch wisdom teeth??! No fun! And I’m super jealous you’re doing a color run… is it in Miami? I saw that one is coming to Ft Lauderdale later in the spring that I want to sign up for!

  2. I try not to miss a workout because I feel it throws my entire week off. I’m so Type A that I have to stick to me preplanned schedule! Love your relaxed approach to life :)

    • Thank you! Sometimes when I DO pre-plan and then I miss a workout, I feel bad.. so I don’t try to make a super strict schedule anymore, just a rough idea of how many days/workouts I want to do

  3. I don’t mind missing a workout here or there, just so long as it’s a legit reason to miss it and I can make up for it in a different workout. Props for getting so much done on your day off from work, I really like the new font!

  4. The new blog layout is looking good! I really like the header font. Sometimes it’s so hard to be productive on off days because most people are used to being so on-the-go during the work/school/etc…week.

    I stayed in last night, so I woke up early to try a new group fitness class at my gym. It focused heavily around weights, which is always a challenge to me, but it was a refreshing mix-up! Trying to be semi-productive today. We’ll see how that goes!

  5. I think listening to your body is always way more important than forcing yourself to get x number of workouts in.
    Four workouts a week is still pretty darn good in my book! Props to you.

  6. I have had to take a lot more days off in the past few months than I’d like because of illness and injury…I just have had to remind myself it’s not the end of the world! I prefer to set long term goals cause missing a workout here and there will ultimately not affect long term goals like a certain distance/strength ability/etc. Mustn’t be too hard on one’s self :)

  7. Looks like a good week of work outs! I always get cranky when I miss a work out and end up eating crappy : ) Good luck tomorrow on your 6 miler!! I have an 11 miler and will be outside because I just can’t do that inside, should be fun in this weather…

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